St Paul’s Logan

Sunday Mass at St Paul’s Logan

Sunday Mass at St Paul’s Logan 1326 708 Connect the Dots!

Sunday Mass at St Paul’s Logan

By Steve Rose, St John’s Lancaster

We met with Fr Seth and Deacon Paul, Deacon Paul was speaking that day and started out with a wonderful hymn and told about his journey to St Paul and the story of St Paul, we attended a pot luck lunch afterwords and got to meet with some of the parishioners, very welcoming church would like to visit again in the future

Visiting St. Paul’s Logan again!

Visiting St. Paul’s Logan again! 968 868 Connect the Dots!

Visiting St. Paul’s Logan again!

By Br. Thanasi (Thomas G.) Stama, St John’s Lancaster

Since moving to Lancaster and joining St. John’s, I have made it my goal to go down to St. Paul’s in Logan for when Deacon Paul Scanlan gives the homily. It is easy to do since my own parish’s Sunday Holy Eucharist is earlier enough to make their parish’s service at 11:30.

I sat with Deacon Bill Bales wife who I did not get to know the last time I was down. But Deacon Bill was off delivering holy communion to shut-ins. So In had her to myself. Nice one on one meeting with Catherine (might be a K). Before sitting down with her in the pew, met a big family sitting in the back of the church. I could argue they are in the front. Definitely front of the building.

The family was the Schlups (sounds like oops when you say it. ) Lovely family and they were bringing more home bound man named Davis. Never got his first name since we were doing Jefferson Davis jokes.

Deacon Paul Scanlan preached on St. Paul’s Conversion because it fit who Paul is as well as the church being St. Pauls. We were closer enough to the day. (Yesterday) Good solid sermon relating our preacher’s life and the Apostle’s and then he ended it by reading a brief biography on the life of St. Paul. It was delightful homily. He tied in how we all should be like the early church reaching and sharing our understanding of Christ so other too can enjoy the Faith we have. Great sermon.

Afterwards there was a lovely pot luck.

Looking forward to my next visit.

Deacon Paul and the Eggnog

Deacon Paul and the Eggnog 968 868 Connect the Dots!

Deacon Paul and the Eggnog

By Br. Thanasi Stama, St John’s Lancaster

Drove down to Logan to join St. Paul’s for Holy Eucharist on Sunday, December 22. I wanted to go see Deacon Paul Scanlan who I knew originally from St. James in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus about 5-6 years ago. In the last year, Deacon Paul was assigned to St. Paul’s in Logan. I myself have moved to Lancaster so I am a short jaunt away. I hitched a ride with Fr. Seth Wymer who is rector for both my parish as well St. Paul’s. I lucked out! Deacon Paul was actually delivering the homily. What a great homily! We were all in tears. Afterwards I joined the parish for a lovely spread in their social hall. Met several of the parishioners and a Franciscan monk as well as a retired deacon. Didn’t catch his name but a good reason to for a return visit! Lovely spread of food! Shrimp cocktail, a tasty cheese ball with crackers, swedish meatballs, and a massive selection of homemade Christmas cookies. The punch bowl had eggnog that was more snog! Whoa! Lovely visit and must return to learn more of the parishioners. Br. Thanasi, Community of the Gospel at St John’s Episcopal