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Online with our sister churches in Dayton

Katherine Wagner watches a couple of online worship offerings from Christ Church, Dayton, and St. Paul’s, Oakwood. Photo by Katherine Wagner.

By Katherine Wagner, St. Mark’s, Dayton

The Rev. John Paddock, in online worship with St. Christopher’s, Fairborn

We have thoroughly enjoyed “visiting” other churches every week since the lockdown, primarily St Christopher’s in Fairborn (for a quiet Morning Prayer with John Paddock and his wife), St Paul’s in Oakwood (for a musical service with Mike Kreutzer, Greg and Peg Sammons, and Jason Leo), and a very relaxed version at Christ Church Dayton with Joanna Leiserson. I’ve also connected with Emily Joyce’s weekday Morning Prayer at Christ Church Dayton, for a very personalized service that sometimes includes the laughter of her daughter (a sound that should be heard in all churches!)

The Rev. Mike Kreutzer, in online worship with St. Paul’s, Oakwood