Sunday Holy Eucharist at ALEC-NA and the CMMR

Sunday Holy Eucharist at ALEC-NA and the CMMR

Sunday Holy Eucharist at ALEC-NA and the CMMR 259 194 Connect the Dots!

Sunday Holy Eucharist at ALEC-NA and the CMMR

By Br. Thanasi (Thomas G.) Stama, St. John’s, Lancaster

Went to my former parish, All Saints in New Albany for Sunday service and a visit with several members of the CMMR: Community of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer. As you might have gathered from my name that I am a monk, a part of the Community of the Gospel in the Episcopal Church. Have been observing at very close hand when All Saints was my parish the beginnings of another new monastic group in the Episcopal Church. All Saints in New Albany is the wordwide headquarters for the CMMR. Fr. Jason Prati, rector of All Saints is also one of the founding members of the CMMR about two years ago. He, Fr. Rob Rhodes and Debra Rhodes (Rob’s spouse) founded the community. I should use formal names from here on. Fr. Rob is Abbot Robert Antoni. Fr. Jason is Prior Jason Dominic. Debra is Sr. Debra Susanna Mary. I was at their clothing as monks down at our cathedral back then. Their habit is a white hooded cowl. Since then the Rhodes were out in Seattle and Prior Jason Dominic was serving as rector at All Saints which he still does! The prior attracted and tested over several years (even before the group formally started) postulants who became their first novices and last Autumn became vowed monks. So now their are six monks in the group and several more postulants and novices. Abbot Robert Antoni has since moved to the Columbus area and is serving as curate at All Saints Episcopal Church. So under one roof is the growing CMMR.

Now this Sunday, I came to visit and have Holy Eucharist. Abbot Robert Antoni was the homelist and gave a insightful sermon on the Holy Gospel reading. Before and after the service since this was my home parish for four years, I was renewing friendships and finding out many did not know I had moved to St. John’s Lancaster. Also that I ended my ten years on Facebook. Many stated I wonder why I have not seen any posts in a while.

It was nice to see Abbot Robert Antoni and Prior Jason Dominic both up at the altar together.: the very definition of koinoia (κοινωνία).

It was nice to chat with so many. Have many planning on coming to see St. John’s in Lancaster and go out for lunch. Of course, it will be after Lent. The Great Forty Days I take quite seriously being Greek (if you have not guessed from my name or a bit of Greek used). It was great to see Br. Joseph Mary Ignatius doing what he likes to do best: attending to the little ones in the quiet room. He is also part of the CMMR.

I did get to have a talk with Abbot Robert Antoni for 10 whole minutes all to myself. It was delight to discuss many things.

So I visited All Saints Episcopal Church in New Albany and the Worldwide Headquarters for the Community of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer thus Sunday, February 16!