The great oak tree and the spruces are gone!

The great oak tree and the spruces are gone! 972 648 Connect the Dots!

The great oak tree and the spruces are gone!

By Br. Thanasi (Thoms G.) Stama, St. John’s, Lancaster

Had a medical procedure on Thursday, January 16. Since the appointment was late enough in the afternoon, I decided to visit my old church community (St. Andrews from 2009-2012) which was near by.

They have bible on Thursday evening which had I enjoyed for many years. Checked the online website for the church and it was still on the church calendar for every Thursday at 7 pm. So arrived in the parking lot at a bit before 7 and waited until 7:30 but no one turned up. So assumed either the calendar was wrong or there had been an emergency.

I did take a walk around the church property because from my car I saw the great oak tree that was out front was gone! The oak was having a struggle to survive there ever since it was encircled with pavement. Was pushing for them to do one of two things and they must have opted to cut her down. I had also pushed for them to remove certain spruce trees which were out growing their place in the foundation landscape. (I have a horticulture background.) They were gone too. So wisdom had prevailed before the oak tree came tumbling down or the spruces damaged the side of the church building. Need to get back there to actually visit with the parishioners and Fr. Kevin their priest in charge.