Our Lady of Walsingham Chapel at St. James

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Our Lady of Walsingham Chapel at St. James

By Br. Thanasi (Thoms G.) Stama, St John’s Lancaster

On Sunday, I visited with another parish that had been where I attended for several years; St. James in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus. I had several reasons for the visit. 1) To reconnect with old friends. 2) Spend time in the Chapel for Our Lady of Walsingham. Had a great time visiting with friends and marveling how fast their children have grown! Babies are now children.

But also I had come to spend time in the small entrance chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Walshingham. When I regularly went to church there, the statue was a borrow statue of Our Lady of Carmel borrowed from Fr. Jason Prati. Under Fr. Phillip Harris at that time their new priest, a fund drive was initiated to buy an actual Our Lady of Walsingham statue. It took several thousands of dollars for a crate to arrive from England with a lovely statue which is over two feet tall. Donations came from the parish and from the Armenian community who St. James has hosted for many generations. The Armenians hold their church services at St. James about once a quarter.

Our Lady of Walsingham is a major pilgrimage Marian site in northern England since the 1100s. Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby led a pilgrimage their August 15, 2019.